Coreshield 15

Coreshield 15 is an all-position self-shielded flux cored welding wire for single pass applications. Coreshield 15 produces smooth arc action, full slag coverage, easy slag removal, and low spatter. The use of DCEN (electrode negative) current minimizes the risk of burn-through. Coreshield 15 is excellent for use on lap and fillet welds on thin gauge galvanized and mild steels in all welding positions. The availability of .030″ (0.8 mm) diameter makes it possible to use this product on materials as thin as 18 gauge (1.2 mm). The wire is particularly suitable for thin gauge materials 0.030 – 3/16″ (0.8-5.0 in.) in galvanised, zinc-aluminum carbon, or aluminised carbon steels. In structural fabrications, the product can be used where no seismic requirements are present.

0,8mm – 4,5kg


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