VIZOR 4000 Plus 2,5 / 8-12 din – True Color

69.985 kr.

Weighing just 480 grams, the lightweight Vizor 4000 Plus with true colour display is the latest member of the product family and is even more efficient. With a level of protection of 2.5 when light, the view of the working environment is four-times lighter than with level of protection 4. Furthermore, the “delay function” enables the opening speed of the auto-darkening filter cartridge to be continuously adjusted within a range of 0.05 to 1.0 second. Additional functions such as “Super High Sensitivity” allow the wearer to adjust the sensitivity of the darkening mechanism to meet their needs, leaving a perfect view of the weld seam.

In combination with the Vizor Air/3 fan-filter unit, the Vizor 4000 Plus welding helmet offers perfect protection for the professional welder.


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