Teka Filtoo

470.000 kr.

The new filtoo:
The recently developed filter unit „filtoo“ is a mobile filter unit that can be used for many applications requiring the filtration of fumes, dusts and even gases.
The unit is IFA certified for welding fume category W3 (certification IFA: 1005029).
Functioning of filtoo:
The polluted air is extracted and led into the filter unit either by the suction arm or by other capturing elements. The particles or gases are extracted from the airflow during a filtering procedure consisting of several stages and the cleaned air returns to the working space.
For welding places, in workshops, for soldering applications, for restorers and in locksmith’s shops
You receive a complete „Plug and Play System“ that is ready for operation. It is only necessary to connect the intake elements before commissioning the unit.
Construction of filtoo:
The advantages of the compact unit are the robust and solid construction. The housing is made of a stable steel sheet construction and coated with powder from inside and outside. The filter elements are accessible via a maintenance flap. Therefore, they can be easily and rapidly withdrawn. The unit is equipped with suitable control elements.

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